Stress Congress 2022


In the current difficult context, we would like to thank you for your participation in the 5th edition of the Stress Congress, with the theme "Stress, a multidisciplinary challenge in the new medical, social, economic and military paradigms", a national event with international participation, organized in the period 06-08 October 2022, under the High Patronage of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" Bucharest, in collaboration with the Ana Aslan International Foundation.

STRESS CONGRESS 2022, in a brief:

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  • Participation diplomas: after completing the Evaluation Questionnaire (RO), participants will receive by e-mail the Diploma/Certificate of Participation within 15 days;
  • The link to the full Stress Congress 2022 videohas been sent to participants by e-mail and will be active until 19.11.2022;
  • The programme of the event is available here.
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  • Photos of the event are available here.
  • The video summary of the Congress is available here.
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  • The media report is available here.

We wish you good health and success in your work and look forward to seeing you at Stress Congress 2023!

Stress Congress 2021

Online edition

A national event, with international participation, accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians, the Romanian College of Pharmacists, the Romanian College of Psychologists and the Romanian Order of General Nurses, Midwives and Nurses.

An "Ana Aslan" International Foundation event

Stress Congress 2020

A national event, with international participation, accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians, the Romanian College of Pharmacists, the Romanian College of Psychologists and the Romanian Order of General Nurses, Midwives and Nurses.

Online edition
UMF Carol Davila
An "Ana Aslan" International Foundation event

Stress Congress 2019

Stress Congress 2019 - The second edition of Stress Congress, "Stress and Longevity" took place from 31 Oct. to 2 Nov. 2019 in Bucharest, at the Palace of Parliament, C.A. Rosetti Hall.

Participant Testimonials

After the success of the first edition in 2018, we met again at the Palace of Parliament in 2019 to promote research and provide a platform for national and international experts to facilitate the exchange of information and experience. Debates based on the impact of stress on early brain ageing, molecular age diagnosis and Longevity Medicine were encouraged.

Innovative technologies were again part of the congress, with cutting-edge scientific information brought to the forefront that will contribute to the daily care of patients.

Last but not least, the correlation between stress and career was also addressed at the Congress, along with ways to prevent it using medicine and art. Visual artists - Rozica Măldărăseanu and Mădălina Radu - were present.

Welcome Address

We would like to remind you of the particularity of our event: multidisciplinarity, approaching stress from the perspective of all medical specialties, so we were happy to have doctors of different specialties, pharmacists, nurses, medical students and psychologists.


More than 350 participants attended the second edition and were an active part in the success of this congress, through their attendance, involvement, questions and dialogue with our lecturers, and last but not least through their participation with posters and the interest shown in this section.

Particularly appreciated was the message of the Presidential Administration sent by Prof. Univ. Dr. Diana-Loreta Păun, Presidential Adviser - Department of Public Health. A particularly warm welcome from our audience was also enjoyed by the opening speech of President Emil Constantinescu.

Opening Speech
Credited Event

- 14 CME credits for doctors - 15 CME credits for nurses - 18 CBE credits for pharmacists - 14 COPSI credits for psychologists


Marco Polo, Alliance Healthcare, Ever Pharma, Zenyth, MedLife, Core Invest Health, Doppel herz, GNC, Mylan, iNes Group, UniCredit, Synlab, Cyberquest

Sponsors 2019

"Multidisciplinary and integrative approach to stress - Innovative solutions in personalized medicine"

Stress Congress 2018

What did STRESS Congress 2018 mean? - 3 days without stress - more than 300 participants - National and international speakers with various specialties and areas of expertise - Practical Course on Stress Objectification, the only course of its kind in Romania - The first event that addresses stress from a medical point of view - Multidisciplinary approach to stress - Sponsors from the most important areas of the pharmaceutical industry, brand sponsors from the non-pharmaceutical area, who supported our approach.

Art and Press - special sections of the first STRESS Congress Two special sections crowned the 3 days of the congress - art and press. Prestigious journalists joined our cause, giving a more detailed insight into stress as part of their profession, from the benefits to the risks and dangers it generates. Medicine and Art were presented as being in a symbiotic relationship - knowledge and creativity, tools and inspiration. More than 300 participants, neurologists, psychiatrists, internists and family doctors, psychologists and nurses with different specialties, joined us sharing our vision, taking an active part in the process of defining and objectifying stress in everyday life. "Stress Objectification" - the course that was offered to the participants in the preamble of the Congress, provided the course participants with all the tools they need for effective stress management.


We like to challenge the status quo, think and approach from a different perspective and surround ourselves with like-minded people. This is how the idea behind Stress Congress was born, out of a desire and need to look at and approach stress from a unique perspective - as a medical entity!

Sponsors of the first edition

Sun Wave Pharma, Pharma Nord, Alfasigma, Boiron, Tiriac Auto, Unicredit Bank, KRKA, Reviva, Ines Group, Stejarii, Zepter, Core Invest Health, Prime Health Care, Jaguar, Land Rover